Beautiful floral gifts for the holidays

Gardens may be frozen but flowers can still bloom inside your home

It may look gray and dull outside but flowers can brighten almost anyone's day. They make beautiful gifts for the holidays and our friends at Viviano Flower Shops stopped by to talk with Jason Carr and Tati Amare about creative ideas that could help people with their holiday shopping. 

Angela Butorac, from Viviano, said since we are in the season of giving, a nice flower arrangement can be a great gift for a party host/hostess or for someone you haven't connected with for a while. They can also be a great gift for a godparent or a neighbor who might not be expecting a holiday surprise.

Butorac says there is something for everyone at Viviano, with many colors and sizes. National Poinsettia Day is Wednesday. The bright flower is always a great gift during the holiday season.There are also keepsake arrangements with adorable holiday centerpieces, which include candles, snowmen and sparkly sleighs. Once the holidays are over, bring your keepsake flower pot back to the store and it will be refilled with new flowers. 

Viviano showcased a variety of arrangements, that would be great for traditional Christmas celebrations, and nontraditional flowers and keepsakes that will brighten up any event or celebration happening this season.

This is also a time of year for many wedding engagements and Viviano can help couples with their wedding plans.

To find the Viviano Flower Shop near you or to shop from home and place your order online, visit viviano.com