How gratitude can change your life

This is a great time to start reflecting on the year and all we have to be grateful for. With that in mind, we were joined by Florine Mark, President and CEO with our friends at WW. 

Mark talked to us about gratitude and what it is she said that it's all about remembering to be grateful around this time of year. She recommends you say, "I am so grateful to be me" when you wake up and continue saying that to yourself. 

One of the things Mark suggests that we do over the holiday season when we get invited to someone's house is to bring a plate of fruits and vegetables to set on the table, instead of flowers. 

Gratitude has helped Mark because before she was always 50 pounds overweight and never liked herself and was never grateful. When she finally decided to change her mindset, her life changed and she became grateful.

Mark says this is great time of the year to join WW because then you can avoid gaining 10 pounds before the new year. Even if you don't lose any weight, you won't gain any because the program focuses on how to eat healthy, with mindful eating and wellness. Its programs will help you change your eating habits. 

If you want to be more grateful Mark suggests to stop and think about it by journaling or write note cards to people you are thankful to have in your life. And instead of focusing on the negative things going on in your life, look at all the positives. 

To find a WW program near you, and start your gratitude journal and begin your freestyle lifestyle, call 888-3-FLORINE or visit its website: https://888-3-florine.com/.