How to choose the right perfume for the holidays

One of the most popular holiday gifts is perfume, but how do you choose the right one? Meredith Bruckner, from allaboutannarbor.com, brought in an expert to find out.

Michelle Krell Kydd, known as the "Nose of Ann Arbor," says if you are buying perfume for yourself, then you should know exactly what type of perfume you like. 

She said when smelling perfume on a blotter, you aren't getting the full experience of what the perfume will smell like on your skin.

Kydd recommends to walk away and see how the perfume works for you a few hours after you spray some on your skin.

Right now, she said the most popular perfumes are niche perfumes, which are more inventive and playful scents.

She advises consumers not to be shy about trying different types of perfumes and also suggests buying travel sizes.

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