Family fun over the holiday break


Families look forward to the holiday break to spend more time together, but after a couple days, the kids can get bored and parents may be fresh out of ideas. Our friends at Thrive By Five have great ways to keep the kids engaged and help parents keep their cool. From the Thrive by Five's Starfish Family Services, Kecia Rorie and Jason Moore joined us in the studio to tell us more about it. 

Rorie said Thrive by Five is a name they use to put all of their head-start programs together under that umbrella. Starfish is the lead under that one umbrella, and they also have development centers such as Focus Hope, American Indian Health and Family Services and The Order of the Fisherman, which are all Thrive by Five partners that provide head-start services in the city of Detroit to 1,200 children. 

Over the holiday break, to keep the stress level down, Moore showed us an activity you can do with things you already have in your home. All you need are socks, rice, ribbon, oil and a funnel and you can create a good stress-reliever. You put the funnel in the sock and pour the rice in, then the oil, which will help kids with sensory issues. 

They also brought in a hug jar, explaining  that every now and then, you need a hug, and sometimes kids don't know how to express their feelings. Anytime you head to the jar and grab a heart, you can get a hug.  

And for the parents, they suggest adult coloring books to relieve stress.

For more information on activities and programs Thrive by Five offers and to enroll your child, visit the website at: https://www.thrivebyfivedetroit.org/.