How you can use your personality type to help you lose weight!

Many people start off the new year with the greatest intentions to live a healthier lifestyle, but you can fail if your plan is not a good fit for you. So how can you find a plan that you will stick to? According to fitness expert Jody Trierweiler, it can all be in your personality type. Trierweiler says there are four main personality types when it comes to fitness.

Type A

Who is a Type A? People who have this personality type love being with people, and are very social at times. They prefer to train in many different ways. They enjoy group classes and like to try new things.

What is a good Type A plan? A gym membership would be great for you. Find a gym that gives you a variety of ways to work out and stay fit (with a pool, tennis courts, classes, etc..).

Type B

Who is a Type B? People with this personality type generally quit working out after a few weeks. They need accountability to keep up with their plan. They often have no idea what to do for a workout and they want to learn new exercises the right way, with proper form. 

What is a good Type B plan? A person with a Type B personality would do well with a personal trainer. You do not always have to do personal training one on one; you can do group training as well. Have a trainer who will hold you accountable and you can get the direction you need so your workouts can be productive and done right. 

Type C

Who is a Type C? Type C people prefer to be alone most of the time. They are too busy to make it to the gym but they are self-motivated and like to use online workout resources. 

What is a good Type C plan? Invest in a home gym.You can get big items like a treadmill, or if that is too much for your budget, maybe a few free weights. Make it easily accessible to you so you can be motivated to get a few reps in while you watch your favorite TV show.

Type D

Who is a Type D? Type D people hate exercising. They may find working out is too hard, or have injuries that limit their abilities, but are interested in improving their flexibility. 

What is a good Type D plan? A type D person should look into yoga. Yoga doesn't need to be done at a studio. There are a lot of online resources and apps that can allow you to do it from the comfort of your own home. 

Sometimes you might not fit neatly into one category, but consider what you like about working out, if anything, and what will motivate you best. There is no need to invest in a costly home gym or gym membership if that isn't the way you prefer to work out. Just be honest with yourself so you can be the most fit you. 

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