Check out a new way to work out with Spinnovation Detroit and Red Effect Fitness

Give these new ways of working out in the new year a spin

Millions of Americans made New Year's resolutions this week, and many of them are the same as before, to exercise more. However, when it comes to keeping that resolution, people tend to fall off the wagon. There are new and exciting ways to keep you resolution to work out and also have fun doing it. Kila Peeples found two new ways to work out that are fun and different from traditional gyms and are sure to help you keep your resolution.

First was Cyr Wheel spinning with Spinnovation Detroit. A cyr wheel is a 40-pound circus apparatus that is now being used for working out,. It's also good to help you focus your mind and overall balance. Professional spinner Allison Ottjepka teaches you how to get comfortable with the wheel, then she helps you learn how to spin on the wheel while keeping balance and speed. It may look easy, but it's quite the physical and mental activity.

If doing a more traditional workout is your thing, there's a new gym in metro Detroit that's literally turning up the heat. It's called Red Effect Fitness, it's a Michigan-based company that really lives up to its name due in part to the sauna-like heat lamps that are all over the gym. If you're wondering what infrared lights do while you work out, they dilates blood vessels to allow more oxygen flow and you will sweat up to 7 times more to help detox the body at the same time. The gyms offer kickboxing, cycling and interval training classes where you’re guaranteed to sweat out those holiday sweets.