What were the Golden Globe red carpet hits, and misses?

"What's the Buzz" today is all about the red carpet at the Golden Globes. There were a lot of looks that had people buzzing for good and bad reasons. Joining hosts Jason Carr and Tati Amare on the couch today are Jon Jordan, Local 4 Style Editor, and A.J. Williams, the "City.Life. Style." editor at the Michigan Chronicle.  

Overall, Williams said she was impressed by the fashion of the night and saw a lot less "misses" than she was expecting.

"Oh, I saw some misses," chimed in Jordan. He did say he saw some good looks, but that some people in Hollywood were not getting the best fashion advice. So let's talk about some specific people.

Glenn Close - Jordan loved her look in a black cape-like dress with a silver embellishment by Armani. He said this no-nonsense dress perfectly suited her personality. Williams agreed, saying her look was "simple and classic," and tasteful yet bold. 

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper - The very voluminous periwinkle dress Lady Gaga donned definitely had people talking, and Jordan pointed out that was the point. Williams was a big fan of the dress, commenting that she liked how she matched her hair color to the dress. "I love it. It's my new wedding dress," said Williams. Jordan was not a big fan of the dress because it was so cumbersome. He called it a "periwinkle parachute."  Bradley Cooper, on the other hand, got unanimous negative reviews. Carr thought Cooper looked like he was going to prom, while Jordan compared him to the Good Humor Man.

Gemma Chan - Williams loved her dark teal A-line dress. She said it was a classic dress and that she loved the bow in the back. Amare chimed in, saying she loved that the dress had pockets. Jordan pointed out that both Chan and Gaga wore a dress designed by Valentino, but he thought Chan's dress was much more appropriate in scale for the Golden Globes.

Sterling K. Brown - Williams was literally lost for words when trying to describe how  much she liked this look. Jordan took over as Williams composed herself.

"When you go classic, and you do it as well as this, you can't go wrong," said Jordan.

Darren Criss - He took a  risk in his floral tux by Dior, and for Jordan, the risk did not pay off. Jordan said Criss looked "cheap and cheesy" in his flowery ensemble. Williams agreed saying he looked like a casino night signer. 

Rachel Brosnahan - Jordan was all about Brosnahan's cheery yellow Prada dress.

"She looks amazing in this. It's not overdone, it really really works for her in just the most effortless way possible," said Jordan.  

Lucy Liu - "This should have been an art installation in the public square. It looks like a big Picasso," said Jordan of Liu's color splattered dress. Williams said that while she gets why some people have personalities they want to express, and they want to be talked about, but says you do not want to be talked about in this way.

"There's too much going on," said Williams.

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