Dr. Ian K. Smith shares healthy food swaps to make the next time you grocery shop

Learn how to swap out that unhealthy food

Tati Amare sought out the help of author of "The Clean 20,"  Dr. Ian K. Smith, to teach viewers how to swap out unhealthy food for a more healthier alternative. Smith said try to avoid yogurts with the fruit at the bottom, because they are heavier in sugar. "A plain non-fat yogurt with added fresh fruit will make a healthier yogurt with less sugar."

He also said whenever a person grabs a protein bar, they should always look at the ingredients and the calorie content before purchasing. "I like almonds, so just gets some raw almonds with no salt and you can have something very similar to a protein bar," said Smith

Then he discussed the "diet-busters" better know as pre-made iced coffee. "They are full of calories, sugar and artificial ingredients." Dr. Smith suggested people should make their own smoothies instead of drinking iced coffee, because it's healthier and it won't cost much to make them. 

"Simple, affordable and accessible is the whole point of the clean 20."

To get more healthy advice from Dr. Ian K. Smith you can purchase his books online or at your local bookstore.