Detroit DJ shares his weight loss story with WW

How you can change your lifestyle with WW

For many, starting the new year is the time to promise to live a healthier lifestyle and drop that extra weight but it can be hard to achieve. One local radio personality made the commitment to achieve total wellness and his journey may encourage others to do just that. 

The Bushman on 97.9 WJLB dropped  45 pounds after teaming up with "WW" formally known as Weight Watchers. Bushman joined Tati Amare in the studio to talk about his journey so far. Amare asked what made him to decide to go to WW? Bushman said, it was his doctor yelling at him saying he needed to get his weight under control and suggested WW. 

There are weekly workshops with WW and Bushman said every week he goes to a meeting with a lot of people who are also trying to lose weight and change their lifestyle. At the meeting you share your stories and learn different things about water, sodium and more. Bushman said that every week it is something different, and it's like an extended family that helps keep you going and motivated. 

Bushman said that this change of lifestyle has made him feel and sleep better and be more confident. He also feels that he is encouraging people to workout and change their lifestyle along with him. You can follow his journey by following him on Instagram @Bushmanonair and you can see his journey with WW. 

To find a WW program near you and start your journey to total wellness call 888-3-FLORINE or visit their website it's the same https://888-3-florine.com/