Pingree Detroit is making a difference with shoes and bags

Homegrown Business helping veterans in the D

Pingree Detroit is a homegrown business helping veterans that live in the D.

CEO of Pingree Detroit, Jarrett Schlaff said he wanted the company to help men and women who served our country get back into the workforce. He said he had to come up with an idea of what kind of work can be created in Detroit that is meaningful and allows Detroiters to work with their hands.

"I had to create something that has never been done before," said Schlaff. He said that he decided to name his company after another veteran Hazan S. Pingree. "He was a veteran, a three term mayor of Detroit, an extremely progressive man who put the well being of the people first and he was also the 24th governor of Michigan."

Pingree makes unisex accessories like bags, wallets and footwear. The company utilize un-used or leftover leather from auto plants for their goods. "We take this gorgeous material that should not be discarded or shipped over seas and keep it in Detroit." Schlaff  says he is really excited to be participating his community and focusing on job creation that's accessible to Detroiters, while keeping that wealth in the neighborhood. 

You can find more information about Pingree Detroit, including where to purchase merchandise, on their website.