Plymouth Ice Festival is back! Here's why you should go

PLYMOUTH, Mich. – It's a festival tradition that has been entertaining families for more than 35 years: The Plymouth Ice Festival. Many know about the spectacular ice carvings that take over the town, but there's a whole lot more to see, and it is free!

Let's talk about the main attraction first, the sculptures. Experienced ice carvers will be shaving down hundreds of pounds of specially made clear ice into beautiful sculptures. To do this they have a variety of tools including several power tools, many chisels, and even a blowtorch to smooth out the edges of their sculptures which gives them a nice shiny look. There will be over 100 different sculptures at the event, located by shops and restaurants, and in Kellogg Park.

Other activities include a tubing run, a carving competition, a cross-country zone and of course plenty of food and shops. If all that ice makes you chilly they will have a hot spot you can warm up in which will be full of a variety of vendors.   

The festival will be in downtown Plymouth this weekend , January 11-13, all day each day.  

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