4 Delicious reasons you should check out Fort Street Galley

Have you ever been out with loved ones and can't decide where to eat? Well, Fort Street Galley is a great place to go with four restaurants in one, but with all their delicious looking food, it may only make your decision harder.

"The Fort Street Galley is an opportunity for these chefs to present a creative idea that they may not have had the opportunity to do so on their own," said Fort Street Galley general manager Riley McEntrie.

Fort Street Galley operates like a tech incubator, but for food. The Galley provides the building, waitstaff, and drinks for the place, while the chefs rent out the kitchen and are responsible for the food and their kitchen staff. 

"Starting a restaurant can be daunting," said chef Mike Han, the owner of Pursue, one of the concepts at Fort Street Galley. Opening up a restaurant can easily cost several $100,000s, but with Fort Street Galley providing a lot of the tools necessary to start the restaurant, the costs of opening are drastically cut.  

Fort Street Galley was started by two military vets in late 2018. 

"They were able to travel around the world and see all of these amazing places where people came together and shared food and ideas, and they ate in a lot of galleys," explained McEntire. "They brought that idea of community and shareable, and you get to share some of these really amazing concepts and really amazing dishes with each other.  

The galley is housed in the old Federal Reserve building in downtown Detroit. It features bare, industrial-style walls with some big art pieces and an airy feel. They have a bar to get drinks with the 4 concept restaurants in the back serving food.

To get into Fort Street Galley the chefs had to go through a rigorous process including creating a menu and doing tastings. In the end four concepts were chosen and each will call the Galley home for at least a year. Here are the concepts:

1) Pursue - Pursue is a Korean take on sushi. Chef and owner Mike Han is an experienced sushi chef and likes to blend his technical sushi skills with his Korean Heritage. It focuses on using local and sustainable seafood to create his eye catching dishes. 

2) Allenby - Allenby does a very different take on sandwiches. Chef and Owner Michael Goldberg puts high quality tasty items like lamb Merguez sausage into a sandwich.

3) Lucky's Noble BBQ - Chef and owner Brian Recor does  high protein beef BBQ. They get high quality Wagyu beef that they both smoke and brine to make oh-so-tender and delicious.

4) Isla - Isla is the only Filipino restaurant in Detroit and chef JP Garcia is it's creator. He using his classically trained skills to beautifully plate up his Filipino food. 

Fort Street Galley is located on the corner of Fort and Shelby in downtown Detroit.