Blockbuster stars shine in two new movies this weekend

Julia Roberts, Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart star in award-worthy films


Award season is in full force for movies and two films that will most likely be in the running to win next year hit theaters this weekend. Thanks to our partners at MJR Digital Cinemas, film reviewer Greg Russell joined Tati Amare and Jason Carr to discuss the movies.

First up was The Upside, starring Bryan Cranston, Nicole Kidman and Kevin Hart. The movie, which is based on a true stroy, is about a billionaire played by Cranston who is in a car accident, becomes a quadriplegic and needs around the clock care. Hart's character, who had lost many jobs in the past, is hired to care for Cranston and they quickly become friends.  Russell gave it three out of five reels.

Next is Ben is Back, starring Julia Roberts and Lucas Hedges. It's about a mother (Roberts) who is trying to rebuild her relationship with her son (Hedges) after he returns from drug rehab. Hedges has a hard time readjusting due to the fact that he was the town's drug dealer and caused a lot of problems. Russell gave it four out of five reels.

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