Celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day!

How to dress up your pet the right way

Jan. 14 is National Dress Up Your Pet Day, and we wanted to find out how to pick the right things off the rack that fit your pet and won't cause any harm. Our host Jason Carr was joined by professional dog trainer Christine Fox from Wag N' Tails in Shelby Township along with some friends to show us a few examples. 

First up was Miss Abby, rocking a pick sweater with a pink bow in her hair. Next was Curly, and Fox showed us how to put clothes on Curly, making the experience a positive experience by giving him a treat, and he easily cooperated.

Fox showed us another example on Chester, Chester was rocking a raincoat and hat. The way they trained Chester to enjoy the clothing is by making the entire experience a good experience while the clothes are on, meaning lots of treats, petting and talking. Chester is also up for adoption, he is a 4-month-old Chihuahua mix. 

However, some animals do not enjoy wearing clothes, so Carr asked, "What are some of the things you should avoid when putting clothes on your pets?" Fox said that some breeds and personalities of animals don't care to wear clothes, like huskies and breeds with heavier coats because they already are wearing a lot. She advises you to pay attention to your breed and pet and make sure you figure out what is comfortable for them. 

For more information about Wag N' Tails, you can find them online on their social media and website.