Delicious dishes at a great price

You can get a great meal at a fraction of the cost

Looking to get a great meal for lunch or dinner at a fraction of the cost? Ann Arbor restaurant week started yesterday and Chef Adam Galloway from Vinology, which is one of the restaurants that will be participating, came to visit Tati Amare and Jason Carr in the station.

Galloway explained why restaurant week is so important to most food businesses. "Typically January and February are our slowest months, so this allows us to get a little more business."  Galloway said that it also give people the opportunity to try Vinology for the first time. Galloways said he considers his cuisine "wine friendly world cuisine."

Jen Cornell with Ann Arbor restaurant week also joined Carr and Amare to inform viewers of certain details about the event. "There are over 30 participating restaurants in downtown Ann Arbor." said Cornell. "This is a great time to come in and explore the town or try something that you've always wanted to try." She also advised that it will be 15 dollars for lunches and 20 dollars for three course dinner meals. 

The event will end Friday, Jan. 18th, so if you want to get more information go the to Ann Arbor Restaurant Week website.