The duo will be at the Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe this week

Music Monday with Gwen & Charles Scales

They've been performing together for years and this week they will be at the Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe. Music duo Gwen and Charles Scales performed for Jason Carr and Tati Amare live in the station. Mrs. Scales said although it will be cold the day of their performance they intend to keep listeners warm with their music.

Mr. Scales talked about their relationship impacts their work. "We love working together and sometimes we have our own creative differences, but I think it always ends up in a good place."

Mrs. Scales added that she loves the people of Detroit and she said her and her husband have had the opportunity to go to other places to live but she declined because Detroit is her home.

If you want to hear more of Gwen and Charles' music check them out at the Dirty Dog Cafe January 18-19.