4 Ways to make life in the kitchen easier!

The Live in the D team shares their hacks and gadgets

Getting in the kitchen and cooking up a meal can be fun, but it is even better when you have good gadgets that make your life easier. The Live in the D team wanted to share some of the tools they use in their kitchens that will help you prepare breakfast lunch or dinner.

First up, host Jason Carr shared his Dash Rapid Egg Cooker. This small, domed contraption will help you boil your eggs to the perfect hardness every time. To use it, take a raw egg and use the bottom of the measuring tool that comes with it to poke a small hole in one end of the egg. Place the egg, hole side down, in one of the egg holders and fill up the measure tool with water. How much water you need depends on how soft or hard you want to boil your egg. You pour the water into the reservoir that is holding the egg and then just turn on the machine. A beeping sound will alert you when it is done. Jason swears it will come out perfectly cooked every time. 

Next up Michelle Oliver shared her juicer. One thing Michelle always hates is using a classic reamer or juicer and getting the juice all over her hands. The gadget she brought in from Kroger has a juicer built on top of a jar. There is a grate that surrounds the juicer, allowing you to juice your fruit without de-seeding first. It makes the whole juicing process easier and faster.  

Then host Tati Amare shared her salad spinner. Tati loves using this gadget to make her salads, but where this spinner stands out against the rest is that it is collapsible. The salad spinner can be collapsed to about half its size for easy storage in your home, saving you valuable shelf space.

Kila Peeples then shared her gadget ... which is really more of a hack. She likes to use her phone to order carryout and she then transfers the food onto her nice plates so that no one will know she didn't cook it herself. Kila says it's a lifesaver when it comes to throwing a party, and calls it "Mrs. Doubtfiring."

What gadgets or hacks do you use in the kitchen? Let us know in the comments below.