Have drinks or dinner outside this winter in igloos

Experience new, hot way to dine in around Detroit

There's a cool way to enjoy a night out with friends, and it's quickly becoming the hot, new thing to do in the D.  It's outdoor dining in igloos, and our Kila Peeples found a few places where you can chill out in one.  It's not like a traditional igloos that are made out of ice and snow; these are made out of high-tech plastic. They also have heaters inside to keep you warm and toasty.

The first restaurant with igloos Peeples checked out was at Stella's Black Dog Tavern in Plymouth. Located off the main strip and named after the owner’s pet, who is a bit of a celebrity in her own right, Stella’s has two igloos that seat 10 people comfortably. They  were added  as a way to take advantage of the unused space outside the main building, you can only order drinks and appetizers out there.

If you’re planning a Sunday fun-day or need a place to spend your lunch hour , there are two igloos available right in front of the Spirit of Detroit, in the heart of the city. Inside of the igloos are some cozy couches and chairs for you to relax in or you can play a game of chess or Jenga with a friend. Not only do you get a great view of the city from the igloo, but you get to bring in your own food and beverages too.

If you really want to sparkle in the city, check out the igloos at Lumen.  Connected to Beacon Park, you will enjoy having a cocktail or two in one of Lumen's six igloos. Just like Stella's and the Spirit of Detroit, you can visit them anytime, as they do not take reservations for the igloos. The igloos are always open, no matter how unpredictable the winter weather may be.