Try perfect pies in Ann Arbor on National Pie Day

Lakehouse Bakery makes delicious pies from scratch for you to enjoy

It's National Pie Day, and with all of the school closings and nasty weather, it's a great day to bake a pie at home. Keegan Rodgers, the owner and chef of Lakehouse Bakery in Chelsea, and Meredith Bruckner, community news producer for All About Ann Arbor, spoke to Tati Amare about the right way to bake a pie.

Bruckner says she met Rodgers after hearing about his wonderful pastries and the classes he teaches at the Ann Arbor District Library. His classes are so popular, especially the French macaron class, that people spilled out of the room. Once she tried his pies from Lakehouse, she was a true fan. Rodgers made an apple pie, which may seem difficult, but he says is pretty easy. He says the key to a good pie is butter, adding butter inside the pie with the filling will bring out great flavors when mixed with fruit juices. 

Lakehouse Bakery just opened a couple of weeks ago, and the store offers muffins, cookies, croissants and, of course, pies. There are also classes on how to bake goods.

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