Learn how to make the perfect cake pop with Jojo's Treats and Sweets

Plymouth baker shows how to make sweet treats on a stick

Friday is National Cake Pop Day and what better way to celebrate than to have some delicious cake pops. They may seem hard to make, but our Kila Peeples went to one of the best cake pop makers around town to learn how to make them perfectly. She went to Jojo's Treats and Sweets in Plymouth, where shop owner, Jo McGinn, makes thousands of cake pops a month.

McGinn uses only the best chocolates from Europe, such as Belgian dark chocolate, Swiss dark and milk chocolates. She even uses a special recipe to make her own caramel and marshmallows, which she uses to make truffles, turtles (she calles them tortoises), and s'mores.  Cake pops are her most requested treat, and she said it's not too hard to make; here's how she does it.

McGinn says in order to make the perfect cake pop, you have to crumble up freshly baked cake until it turns into little pieces, then add the key ingredient, buttercream to mold it together into a ball. Then dip the stick in chocolate and insert it in the cake pop; once dry, dip the entire pop in colored chocolate coating and design. If your homemade cake pop fails, just call Jo!