Celebrate Birmingham Restaurant Week at Toast!

Check out deals for breakfast, lunch and dinner at many restaurants

There are two things that pretty much everyone loves, great food and a good deal. You can get both right now during Birmingham Restaurant Week! Christopher Gadulka, Executive Chef from the Toast location in Birmingham, joined Jason Carr to talk about how they are one of the 22 restaurants participating in this event.

Chef Gadulka showed off the special three-course lunch and dinner menu items, and he made an asparagus and mushroom benedict. The recipe he made in studio had a bechemel sauce instead of hollandaise. Other dishes Toast offers include granola parfait and fresh berries, warm brussell sprout salad and a breakfast sandwich. 

Ingrid Tighe from the Birmingham Shopping District joined Gadulka and Carr to tell them that this is the 14th year the city has been celebrating restaurant week. The restaurants are offering lunch for $18 or a three-course dinner for $36. The event runs today, Friday, Feb. 1, and Feb. 4 - 8.