Detroit comedian brings home the laughs

When a Detroit performer comes home to go on stage in front of his hometown crowd, you know it's going to be a fun night. Detroit's own Tony Roberts will be at the Sound Board in Motor City Casino Jan. 31, along with Tony Rock, who is Chris Rock's brother. Roberts has had his own comedy special and he's been in movies and on TV. 

Ahead of the show, Roberts joined Tati Amare and Jason Carr in the studio. Roberts said that he loves coming home and he loves Detroit people. Since Tony Rock will be joining Roberts in the show, Amare asked if there is some healthy competition between them. Roberts said, "Me and Tony have been working together for 20 years and we've worked together a lot on tours. So what you want to do is have somebody with you that's funny like you, so you don't have to carry the weight." 

If you want to see Tony Roberts, the show starts at 8 p.m. You must be at least 21 years old and ticket prices start at $33.