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If you feel you're losing out on life because you are tired, lack motivation to do the things you love and can't seem to find any answers, then our friend, natural health expert Dr. Josh Shields may have solutions. He is the owner and clinic director of Integrative Wellness Centers and joined Tati Amare in studio. 

Amare said everybody gets tired, but being tired all the time can mean something bigger is happening? Shields said, "symptoms should never be ignored. They are the sign that something is not working right in your body." He also mentioned "If we keep ignoring what our bodies are trying to tell us it can allow the underlying root cause of the problem to fester and get worse and could lead to life threatening issues."

Shields brought in a testimonal from one of his customers where they found what was the cause of her problems and if she hadn't addressed it, it could have been life threatening. Here's what she said: "Before I came to the office my health was a mess. I couldn't get out of bed until after 11A.M. I had no energy, and the thing is I am a college kid, so I need energy to do things like classes. I have been under care for a month now and my health is completely different. I have so much energy to spend. I am feeling more like a person." 

Amare asked, what can cause constant fatigue? "90% of our patients that come to our office suffer nutritional deficiencies and it's so important to understand that vitamins and minerals are considered essential vitamins because they are essential to your functioning and feeling your best." Shields mentioned. 

To learn more information Integrative Wellness Centers is offering a seminar on February 9. To take advantage of this offer or to register for the upcoming hormones seminar, you can go to the website https://www.iwcenters.com/ or call them 734-779-1650.