Blend flowers, coffee this Valentine's Day at Lucky Detroit

You can get lucky in love over a cup of coffee

Valentine's Day is just over two weeks away, and there's a place where you might get lucky in love over coffee.  Lucky Detroit , a coffee shop, has a couple of coffee drinks that include floral flavors and that just might make your java-loving Valentine go head over heels.  Patrick McDermott, general manager of Lucky Detroit, joined Tati Amare and Jason Carr to discuss the new drinks.

McDermott said the coffee shop introduced Rose Water Latte and Lucky Detroit Lavender Mocha to the menu this month in honor of Valentine's Day. He said it isn't Valentine's Day without flowers and Lucky Detroit wanted to do something special for their coffee lovers, so McDermott said he created syrups that were infused with fresh lavender and rose water to make light, delicious drinks. 

McDermott said the syrups are not hard to make: Just add the flowers while making simple syrup which is created by boiling water and sugar. Not only does Lucky Detroit make floral-inspired coffee drinks but other hot and cold beverages, including a Vanilla Bourbon Latte, which is one of the shop's best-sellers. The Lucky Detroit Lavender Mocha and the Rose Water Latte will be available the entire month of February.