Were the ads this Sunday super?

Everyone is talking about the Super Bowl ads that aired during the game last night, so we're talking about them today on What's the Buzz. Joining host Jason Carr on the panel today are: Kim Trent, a local writer, and regent at Wayne State; Lauren Crocker, who is a part of "The Blaine Fowler Morning Show" on 96.3 WDVD; and Jason Hall with RiDetroit. 

The panel, like much of America, was underwhelmed by the ads this Super Bowl. Crocker pointed out that this is partly because the ads are released so early there are no surprises anymore.

One ad that got a lot of reaction, some considered it one of the best, was the Alexa "Not Everything Makes the Cut" commercial. This commercial most notably features Harrison Ford chastizing his cute little dog for ordering an obscene amount of dog food from its Alexa dog collar. The panel was split on this commercial with Hall saying he loved it, while Trent said seeing Harrison Ford in it made her "sad."

Trent's favorite was the Hyundai elevator commercial with Jason Bateman. In it, a couple gets on an elevator that goes down to worse and worse locations, like a root canal, jury duty, and more. It then arrives at buying a car, but the couple points out they had an easy time buying from Hyundai's app, and they go up in the elevator. "I thought it was a cute concept, and at least something kind of different," said Trent. 

Hall's favorite was the "Michael Bublé vs. Bubly" ad. The titular Bublé corrects people who try and buy the effervescent Bubly, saying the proper way to pronounce the drink is "bublé," like his name. Hall says he feels like Bublé, always correcting people.  

Michelle Oliver then joined the group with news from the social world. We asked people on our Facebook page which ad was their favorite. There were more than 80 responses and many topped the list including Bud Light, Alexa, and Verizon, but the one that was mentioned the most was the NFL's  "The 100-Year Game" ad which featured many football legends. This was also Crocker's favorite ad, and it was rated highest on USA Today's Ad Meter. 

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Posted by Live in the D on Sunday, February 3, 2019

The group also discussed the Mint Mobile "Chunky Style Milk? That's Not Right" commercial which made many people cringe. Hall said he loved it. 

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