WW shares simple steps you can take to show your heart some love

Simple changes you can make to take better care of your heart

People are often so busy taking care of the kids; their house and job that they forget to take care of themselves. This seems to be especially true for women, and with February being Heart Health Month, it's a good time to focus on the importance of taking care of your heart. 

Florine Mark, President and CEO of WW, and Doctor Shalini Modi, a cardiologist with the Henry Ford Health System, joined Tati Amare in the studio to talk about the simple changes you can make to take better care of your heart. 

Amare asked Mark, "Why is this cause is so important?"

Mark answered, "You only have one heart, my heart is so good to me like yours is. It's the only one I have and I have to be good to it if I want to live long, if I want to be healthy, if I want to play with my children, my grandchildren whatever it is it's very, very important to take care of your heart." 

There are simple steps we can take to better care for our hearts just by trading a few things out in our diets. Mark brought in a few examples of things you should incorporate in your diet, like kale, dried spices, water, olive oil, whole grain bread, fruits and nuts.

Mark said, "There's so much that you can eat to satisfy yourself and make yourself feel good..you don't have to go into all that sugar stuff and all that fat stuff." Mark also mentioned that WW has 200 zero point foods you can enjoy like broiled chicken breast, yogurt, salad and more. 

Amare asked Modi, "What are the signs of heart disease, and how are they different in women?"

"Heart disease is the number one killer, let's not forget that. Particularly for women all cancers combined heart disease still beats it." Modi also mentioned that some of the signs that women might experience include "neck pain, pain in the shoulder blades, belly pain, a lot of sweating and excessive amount of fatigue. "

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