Do they clash or is it a smash? Red and Pink are trending in 2019!

Valentine's day is approaching and as it happens, red and pink are trending for 2019, but can you wear them together? According to Local 4 Style Editor, Jon Jordan, the answer is "yes"! He joined host Tati Amare to discuss how to pull ot off with style.  

"People restrict themselves unnecessarily when it comes to color," explains Jordan. In fact, if you want to go all in on red, Jordan recommends you don't go too matchy-matchy. Opt for various shades of red with the same undertones (cool, warm, neutral).

The same idea goes for if you want to mix your reds and pinks. As host Jason Carr pointed out, you can wear a light blue shirt with dark blue pants and everyone agrees that matches, a dark red bottom, and a light pink top work equally well together. 

"Don't limit yourself," says Jordan. Experiment with mixing your red and pinks and you may fall in love with a combo.  

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