Art & Soul shows the power of creativity in the Heart of Detroit

Detroit artist helps the homeless

Paint brushes, crayons, pencils and paper, one organization is using all of theses supplies to change lives in the Heart of Detroit. Art & Soul artist Twiana Odom joined Tati and Jason in the studio today, to discuss the program at Central Methodist Church, Art & Soul.


Odom said that she can relate to the visitors at Art and Soul because she was once homeless as well. She described the program as a refuge for the homeless people in Detroit. She also said it means so much to be able to showcase the art pieces in Grand Rapids. Then she showed off some of the artwork that she brought in. 


Odom explained the best way to become a part of the program is just simply showing up. She said participation is more than welcomed and a part of participating is bringing art supplies for the art studio. 


If you want to learn more about the the Art & Soul program you can find them on Facebook.