This music from Airey B will get you up on your feet


Our guest for Music Monday is Airey B, a young woman who represented the Detroit Blues Society at the 2018 International Blues Challenge in Memphis. She also placed runner up at the Blues Challenge in Michigan this year. You can see Airey B and her band perform this Thursday, Valentine's Day, at Costos Village Bar in Wayne.

Airey B showed Jason Carr and Tati Amare a little sample of what you will hear at her live performance. Amare asked Airey B, 'What inspired you to get into blues?' She said, "My mother encouraged me to do the blues because she was a singer before I was born."

To follow Airey B and to find more information about her music you can find it on her website. Again, you can see Airey B live Thursday at Costos Village Bar in Wayne.