Get the spa treatment at home with Lavender Mobile Spa

A spa day can spark that romantic vibe between you and your partner and now you can have that complete spa experience right in your own home. Tracey Sanders, owner of Lavender Mobile Spa, and a few members of her team joined Tati Amare in the studio to show us what the mobile experience is like. 

Amare asked Sanders how Lavender Mobile Spa got started. She explained, "We knew that there was a demand for groups that wanted to get together that hadn't seen each other in a long time, but wanted an elaborate spread of food and wine and they wanted to be on their cellphones and they wanted to have music. Typically you can't do all of that in a day spa. So they wanted to be able to have spa services and be relaxed in the comfort of their own home." 

Lavender Mobile Spa had three stations set up in the studio to show simulations of what you might expect with their services. At the first station they showed us an express facial. Next, they had a massage station for neck, back and shoulders, followed by a manicure station. 

The company also launched a product line in 2018 called body cosmetics that they use during their manicures. Sanders said the products are "100% organic and so we stopped using those other brands that have preservatives, chemicals that you can't explain or understand or sometimes pronounce and we just wanted to have our own products."

For more information you can find it on their website by searching Lavender Mobile Spa.