How Heart U Not can help you find the right words this Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is about many different kinds of love, including love that is lost, but that doesn't mean things have to be bad between you and an ex. That's where the homegrown company Heart U Not comes in. Founder Tim Hill and his business partner Kesia Shine joined Jason Carr to tell us more about the company. 

Hill said, "Heart U Not is a greeting card company that caters towards relationships so we focus this on break-up on good terms council cards to help address issues, inspirational cards to help get over a break-up. We believe that communication is the basis of any relationship."  

The company even offers care packages, "The packages are used for the event if you knew somebody was going through a break-up and you wanted to help them feel better, you can send a care package," Hill said. The care packages include items that will help you destress and promote good health and ways to reconnect with yourself and inspire positive relationship building. 

You can find more information about Heart U Not by searching their website.