Get a deal for dinner at Detroit Restaurant Week

More than two dozen restaurants in Detroit have a deal for you starting this Friday. It's called  Detroit Restaurant Week and it gives you the chance to sample delicious dishes from some of the best restaurants in Detroit. Jason Carr was joined by three restaurants involved: Red Dunn Kitchen, 24Grille and the Peterboro. There will be $39 menus and $29 menus.

Carr started with chef Mike Deangelo, from Red Dunn Kitchen, which will be offering a $39 menu. Deangelo said they are offering first course, entree course and a dessert course. He brought a couple of examples to the studio to see what to expect. Your meal would start with a pimento cheese dip or you can have their Bankok Brussels. From there, you would have an entree item where you can choose between Beef Bolo or the Red Dunn Burger, with a dessert of almond and hazelnut cake. Red Dunn Kitchen is located adjacent to Trumbull and Porter Detroit hotel. 

Next Carr spoke with Kevin Walters from Peterboro located in Midtown and they are offering a $29 menu. They also brought in a couple items that you can expect to see at Detroit Restaurant Week. They will be offering appetizers, entree and dessert. Starting with a cheeseburger spring roll also vegetable rolls and crab rangoons and an entree that includes General Tso's chicken. 

The restaurant 24Grille is offering a $39 menu with a three-course meal. For a starter, they will have a crab cake. For entrees, they have five options and brought in three to show short rib, shrimp and grits and fried airline chicken. 

Detroit Restaurant Week runs Friday, Feb. 22 through March 3, you can find more information online.