Is it OK to take cell phone pics at a wedding?

What's the Buzz is all about weddings

What's the Buzz today was all about Live In The D's Wedding Week. The panel talked about four things that can cause some sticky situations when it comes to planning and the big day. Joining host Tati Amare on the couch today were Lauren Crocker, from "The Blaine Fowler Morning Show" on 96.3 WDVD, Marlin Williams, a technology strategist and the founder of Sisters Code, and Alfonza Cohen, the co-founder of the Cohen Brand.

First up, how do you manage who to invite to the wedding? Is it completely up to you or do the parents get a say?  Should kids be invited? Crocker got the group started saying she did not invite kids to her wedding. In her opinion, if the couple is paying for the wedding, they control the guest list, if the parents are footing the bill, they should get a say in who comes. Williams agreed but said that even in the case of the parents paying, the couple should get the final say because there could be some people the parents invite that the couple does not want there. Cohen said they also didn't have kids in his wedding, and that his wife worked with the two families to come up with the guest list. 

Next topic, is there pressure to spend big and go big for weddings? Is it necessary? Crocker said that you do not need to go big, but there is a lot of pressure to do so. "Everywhere you go, even Pinterest, which is supposed to be crafty, these crafts are expensive, it's not cheap," said Crocker. She encouraged couples to do what they want. Williams said her "starter wedding" was big and ridiculous, but her next one was in Toledo and she loved it. Cohen said if he were to do it again, he would do a destination wedding since he spent a lot of unnecessary money the first time. 

On to the next topic: Is it okay to take pictures with your cell phone during a wedding? Crocker started off by defending the cell phone snappers saying she got some beautiful pictures from guests, but that people should wait to post them until the bride and groom start posting them. Cohen thinks people should not take pictures at the ceremony since it is a private affair, but they can go all out at the reception.  

We also asked this question on our Live in the D Facebook Page to see what our viewers had to say, and Michelle Oliver came in with some of their comments.

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Posted by Live in the D on Sunday, February 17, 2019

Finally, what should you do if someone is being overbearing during wedding planning? Both Crocker and Williams agreed you should just ignore them. Only answer their phone calls if you want to. Only include them in events if you are comfortable with that. Planning a wedding is stressful enough without that added pressure. Cohen admitted that his wife had him handle the difficult people.

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