4 things to consider before hiring a wedding planner

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, especially in the age of Pinterest and Instagram, but there is help! A wedding planner can guide you through the entire process or just part of it. Tati Amare was joined by Rich Rice, the founder of the event planning company Detroit By Design to share the four things you should consider when hiring a wedding planner. 

Amare asked Rice what is a wedding planner. Rice said  "A wedding planner should be whatever your needs are so depending on what kind of wedding, your wedding venue, they are your key supporter, but they're also helping you with all of your logistics with all of your costs with your vendor relations. A little bit of everything." 

Here are the four things Rice said you should consider before hiring a wedding planner:

  • Match up with someone you're comfortable with 
  • Consider how much experience they have 
  • Determine if they will be an advocate for you
  • How will they manage details, share ideas and yoru needs 
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