Spruce up your outdoor living space for spring with All Brick Design!

Right now it may be frigid cold and snowy but as Michiganders, we know spring is not far away. We will want to soak up every minute of that sun, so why not give your outdoors a little makeover and create a beautiful outdoor living space? Our friends at All Brick Design can create gorgeous brick patios, driveways, walkways and more so you can live it up in the fresh air.  

Melissa Casado, with All Brick Design, joined host Tati Amare on set to discuss what her company has to offer. Not only will an outdoor living space be a mini paradise for you to enjoy, but it will increase the value of your house and add to curb appeal. 

Bricks vary in color and texture, with some worn-looking pavers being in style at the moment. The way they are laid can vary as well, creating different designs to suit your tastes. They also have larger bricks that are meant for building things like garden walls and more. 

So what if you have brick already, but it needs some TLC? All Brick Design can help you with that too. In general, they can reuse a lot of the pavers you already have and make your design look like new again.

Projects can take several weeks to complete because there are a lot of logistics, so it is best to get on their schedule now before they book up. They can work with a variety of budgets and offer financing. For more information visit their website at allbrickdesign.com or call (833) 23-BRICK. 

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