Fermented super foods do the body good!


Chef and nutritionist, Julie Fromm, of Henry Ford Health Systems, joined us to share and discuss fermented super foods!

Fermented foods are created through the introduction of natural bacteria. The fermentation process reduces bad bacteria and allows for fermented food to last longer and grow good bacteria. Fermented foods help with immunity, gut health and overall body health by reducing and preventing bad bacteria in the body.

"You want to look for yogurt with live and active cultures in it," said Fromm. "I want to promote good ol' plain yogurt," she continued.

"The key with kimchi and sauerkraut, is you want to buy them fresh," said Fromm.

"The important thing with probiotics and fermented foods is to understand high fiber foods are prebiotics; they help feed the probiotics that fermented foods provide for our guts," said Fromm.

Pro Tips:
Always look for live active cultures!
Heat can kill the like cultures in foods!
Choose foods with raw and unpasteurized ingredients!