Help protect animals on National Spay Day

Doing one thing helps keep pets healthy and controls population


Tuesday is an important day for pet owners and their furry loved ones because it's National Spay Day. Anna Chrisman, from the Michigan Humane Society joined Tati Amare and Kim DeGiuilo to discuss why pet owners should spay their female pets and also brought a beautiful animal who needs a forever home. 

Chrisman says spay or neutering your pet is important for a variety of reasons. The MHS sterilized over 10,000 animals last year to help curb pet overpopulation and shelters being filled with homeless animals. Sterilization also has many health benefits for your pets,like protecting them from illness such as uterine or testicular cancers. It also helps prevent unwanted litters of animals, and can help with behavioral issues like spraying or the urge to roam to find a mate. MHS offers free or reduced-cost programs to help pet owners get their furry friends spayed or neutered.

Today, Chrisman brought Kiwi, a year and a half old female Chihuahua mix who is looking for her forever home. She came to Detroit from the Valentine's Day California transport where nearly 100 Chihuahua dogs were saved from euthanization in overcrowded shelters. Kiwi is the ideal dog for someone who can devote their time and love to her and she prefers to be the only pet. Last week's pet of the week, Jaina the eight-week-old pit bull mix, was quickly adopted and has found her forever home. For more information on how to help a pet in need go to the Michigan Humane Society website.