Duffy's Den is Jason Carr's favorite burger spot in Detroit

Family-owned restaurant has been open since 1983


Jason Carr shared his favorite place to get a burger in Detroit on Live In The D. Duffy's Den has been open since the 1980s and Carr says it serves the best cheeseburgers in the D. Co-owners Val Olander and Kelly Kerr, and bartender/cook Debbi Gelhausen, joined Carr in the studio to share the story about Duffy's.

Jason said he used to go to Duffy's Den with his grandparents when he was a kid. He said he remembered it had a good burger, but he didn't remember the burger being this good! "Like it says on the inter-webs, my mind was blown," said Carr.

Olander says her dad first opened Duffy's 35 years ago. "He was a Detroit firefighter and it became a firefighter hangout," said Olander. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2014 and that's when Olander and Kerr took over ownership.

When it comes to the burgers, Gelhausen said the secret ingredient is that it is cooked with love. Carr told the ladies he thinks it's the griddle that's been used in the restaurant for years and is now seasoned from all the cooking.

In addition to the burger, Duffy's also showed off itschili, corned beef sandwich, a ham and Swiss sandwich, and its waffle fries.

If you'd like to try the burger from Duffy's Den you can visit their location at 24800 W. McNichols Road in Detroit.