Scientist brings chemistry, fashion and social issues together with Eumelanin

Local chemist creates fashion line to show appreciation for science and heritage

There are so many unique brands and clothing lines that are being created in Detroit, but what about one that combines science and is socially conscious? Put all of those together and you have Eumelanin, a homegrown brand that uses chemistry to address colorism in the African-American community in the most fashionable way possible. Tati Amare caught up with the scientist turned designer who brought it all together.

Deirdre Roberson has her bachelor's and master's degrees in chemistry, and has worked as an environmental scientist keeping the public and the environment safe. Ever scince she was younger, she wanted to be in the fashion industry. Just as she was blossoming in her career, she decided she wanted to do something about colorism in the African-American community. Colorism is discrimination or prejudice against a person's skin color. Out of her passion for the issue, Roberson created Eumelanin.

Eumelanin combines Robertson's two passions, science and fashion. On the science side, the name  Eumelanin comes from the specific type of chemical bonds that are responsible for the brown pigmentation in our skin and hair. The symbol is what the actual melanin structure looks like. The more melanin you have, the darker your skin and hair are. 

Another important factor that goes into making Roberson's fashion line is that all of the clothing and jewelry is made in Detroit. Being born and raised in the city, she wanted to give back to the community that empowered her to be the person she is today. By combining science, self-love and style, she is bringing a new way of seeing science to Detroit.

You can shop for Eumelanin products by visiting Roberson's website.