Meet the ladies behind the laughs on 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

Hit NBC show has been renewed for 7th season

The ladies behind the laughs on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" share the secret to the show's success, and what it's like to step behind the camera to direct an episode. Stephanie Beatriz, who plays Rosa Diaz, and Melissa Fumero, who plays Sgt. Amy Santiago, joined host Jason Carr from Los Angeles to talk about the show.

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" was recently resigned to a seventh season by NBC. The show is shot in a way similar to "The Office." The show stars Andy Samberg and it revolves around his character Detective Jake Peralta. "He's a little bit man-child, but also a brilliant detective," said Fumero. Along with an ensemble cast of misfits, the team from "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" solves crimes every episode.

Both Beatriz and Fumero took a step behind the camera to direct episodes this season. "I got so much inspiration Gloria Calderon Kellett who is the co-creator of the reboot of 'One Day at a Time,'" said Beatriz. "She was so utterly organized, for me, it was so important to organize myself in a way that I could then serve the cast and crew in the best way possible."

Don't miss the next episode of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," which airs Thursdays at 9 p.m., on Local 4.