Ice-T's talks to Live in the D about his new show

Ice-T discusses life and his show titled, "In Ice Cold Blood," with Jason Carr airing its second season on Oxygen.

"We started the show last season and had a great seaon that's why we're back," said Ice-T.

Ice-T was orginally drawn to the Oxygen television channel by his wife Coco Austin's love for watching, "Snapped."

"I created a show off of sex, money and murder, but it is more from the angle of how diabolical people are to think murder is a solution, and they are going to get away with it and live happily ever after," said Ice-T.

Carr asked Ice-T about playing a cop on television and his understanding of both sides of the legal line, as well as about the release of his most recent book titled, "Ice: A Memoir of Gangster Life and Redemption-from South Central to Hollywood." In this book Ice-T discusses the trials, tribulations and triumphs of his life.

"I'm just somebody who felt early in life that I'm either going to be a loser or a winner. I felt I was going to be a winner, so I have to play that part. It can be done, so I felt the best thing I can give back is proof that it can be done," said Ice-T.

Lastly, Carr got Ice-T to choose a favorite between In-N-Out Burger and Shake Shack. Watch the full video to see his decision.