Trap Kitchen brings two rivals together through food and travel

Two gang members travel the world, cooking gourmet food

When you hear the words, "rival gangs", the last thing you probably think of is a friendly cookout, but that's exactly what's happening Monday and Tuesday night in Detroit with members of two of the most notorious gangs. It's all part of the culinary sensation, Trap Kitchen. Malachi "Spank" Jenkins and Roberto "News" Smith joined Tati Amare to discuss how they are revolutionizing the food culture in Los Angeles and across the United States, as well as cook up their famous dish, the pineapple bowl. 

Jenkins, a member of the Crips from Compton, California, said he wanted to do something good for his community after he graduated from college and culinary school. He met Smith, a member of the Bloods, through friends and once he realized they both had the same mission to do good through food, they formed Trap Kitchen. Smith said although he did not go to culinary school, he learned how to cook from his grandmother and his aunts. The duo has cooked for celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, T.I. and Martha Stewart.

Smith and Jenkins also wrote a cookbook called "Trap Kitchen, Banging Recipes from Compton", which is filled with recipes they have collaborated on to create. Jenkins says they wrote the book because not everyone can visit Compton, or even California, and now they can make their dishes in the comfort of their own homes. 

Trap Kitchen is appearing at Brooklyn Street Local, with the duo cooking up their famous pineapple bowls and other dishes Monday and Tuesday night.