What are some annoying habits you cannot stand?

What's the Buzz today is all about an article that's gone viral once again; the big debate of putting the toilet paper on the holder - does the TP go over the roll or behind it?  The panel discussed that along with other little annoyances that happen when you live with someone. Joining hosts Jason Carr and Tati Amare are Mimi Brown, a local author, and motivational speaker, Tony Frost, a local entertainer, and Lauren Crocker from "The Blaine Fowler Morning Show" on 96.3 WDVD. 

First, to settle the toilet paper debate once and for all, Jason, Tony, and Mimi all clarified that over-the-top is the only way to go. Tati, on the other hand, did not care and said she is just happy if the toilet paper is there. The group agreed, though, that it is not a big deal and you shouldn't let that become an issue in your relationship.

So what else annoys our panelists? Well, for Tony it is leaving just a little bit of juice left in the container. He believes you should just finish the drink at that point. Mimi says she cannot stand her husband leaving his dirty clothes on the floor. "I can find the trail of clothes from where you entered the house and where you sat down," said Mimi. For Lauren, she dislikes it when her hubby says he will take care of something, like the dishes, and then never does. She would just rather do it herself than wait for him to do it.  

Going off of what Tony said about the leaving a little bit of drink in the container, Tati asked the rest of the panelist their thoughts on it. Mimi said it bothers her as well since it messed up her grocery shopping by making her think there is more left than there really is. Lauren says she just tosses those containers away, much to the chagrin of her husband who she says wants to keep everything. 

Jason then called both his wife and himself out for their annoying habits. Leaving a dirty dish in the sink is something Jason says he is guilty of, whereas his wife will always leave a little schmutz of something when she is making a sandwich. "I'm always the one grabbing the paper towel and getting rid of that little schmutz," said Jason. Tati came to his wife's defense with much hilarity, saying, "you see that smoking wife you have, she can schmutz."

The group then invited in Michelle Oliver to share what people were saying about the topic on social media. There were many funny comments and you can read them all below:

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Posted by Live in the D on Sunday, March 10, 2019

So what do you do about those bad habits? Do you address them? According to Mimi, you do address them and start a dialogue. "You need to come over to my side if you want to stay married," said Mimi. Tony agreed, mentioning the happy wife, happy life mantra. Lauren and Michelle, on the other hand, said these are typically minor things and you should just let them go. 

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