Meet the personal shopper who will put in style and keep you on budget!

For many women, finding enough time in the day to go shopping for themselves is close to impossible, but there is a local business that's helping women find their own personal style while working within their personal budget. Renee Gawenda is the owner of "your TWENTY5TH hour" personal shopping service. 

"I've always had a passion for fashion and style and dressing women," said Gawenda. She loves to design outfits that will make you feel great about yourself. 

While many women do not have the time to shop, or simply don't like to, Gawenda believes that looking great and having a personal shopper should not be a privilege only the rich and famous can afford. She created her business to help out the everyday woman, all while pursuing her passion.

Women of any age can become one of Gawenda's clients. In the studio, she brought in four of her clients of various ages and styles to show how this service can  be for anyone. Her 20-something client was decked out in a brightly colored pattern dress. Gawenda mentioned that her look was very versatile and can be used to go to the beach, or out to brunch with friends. Her 70-years-young client came out dressed in neutrals with a patterned pant. Just because you're a grandma doesn't mean you don't want to be stylish. Next, her working-mom client came out with a back lace dress and carrying a light teal handbag, showing that Gawenda can style you for any occasion. Her next client also exemplified this, coming out in an elegant navy maxi dress with plunging neck and back, a dress suitable for a wedding or other formal occasion. 

Now a lot of people think that they cannot afford a personal shopper, but Gawenda says that is not the case. The dresses she showed ranged in price from $49 to $250. She charges a small consulting fee of about $25 and then she gets a commission on what she buys for you.  

"It's very manageable, I promise," said Gawenda.

Please visit the "your TWENTY5TH hour" website or Facebook page for more information. 


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