Local couple has their dreams come true thanks to tequila

Husband and wife team turns passion into profession

There is a homegrown business in metro Detroit that can help you make your own margaritas and specialty old fashioneds. Teeq is a new tequila business that started six months ago by Don and Nayana Ferguson. The Fergusons joined Jason Carr and Tati Amare live to talk about their tequila business and what got them in the spirits business.

Don Ferguson said that he had been in corporate America for almost 20 years, but he lost his passion. That's when his wife, Nayana Ferguson, asked him if he could do anything with his life what would it be? Don Ferguson's answer, "Start a tequila company." He didn't believe it was a possibility at the time, but Nayana Ferguson said two days later she found a distillery that could create their brand, and that's how they got started.

The Fergusons then talked about the distilling process and the ingredients that are in the tequila. "The Penas are from the agave plant and typically agave can take seven years to grow just to get to the point where you can actually make tequila," said Don. "So they harvest that, they cook it, they slow roast it for another couple of months and then you can began to really distill and make tequila." He said the process is a very long and intense process.

They showcased the two different tequila flavors they make including coconut lime tequila. "We created this one because we want to hit the margarita market, and we want to gear this towards women because a lot of women don't drink tequila," said Nayana.

The next flavor they showed was the Reposado Tequila. "This was actually aged for eight months in whiskey barrels," said Don Ferguson. "Most tequilas are aged in white American oak so this is very unique." He said the coconut lime is the world's only coconut lime Blanco Tequila. Don Ferguson ended with a demonstration on how to make a classic old fashioned, but with a tequila twist. 

If you want to know more about Teeq Tequila, check out their website.