Better fitness is just a hop, jump & skip away

This old school workout will get you fit for spring

Jody Trierweiler of Jody's FitLife joined us to show a trampoline workout that promotes a different way to get in shape.

Mini trampolines have been around for a while, but they now go by a different name, Rebounders. They come in different shapes and sizes and they're proven to boost your fitness level in a short amount of time.

Why would you workout on a mini trampoline versus go for a run? "Rebounding is more efficient and more effective for your muscles," said Trierweiler. She recommends at least 10-minutes of rebounding per day to experience results.

"Rebounding effects every cell in your body, not just your muscles," said Trierweiler. "And, it also detoxes your lymphatic system to reduce cellulite."

The oval shaped rebounders used by Trierweiler allow for more surface area and bounce.

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