Local trumpet player Rayse Biggs performs live in studio

Known for his duel horn technique, trumpeter-extraordinaire Rayse Biggs joined Jason Carr and Tati Amare in the studio today to give viewers a sneak peek of what to expect this Wednesday through Saturday at the Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe. Biggs explained how he started his duel horn techinque. "I started out in elementry school," said Biggas. "I played french horn, and I always wanted to play trumpet, but they would never let me play. So, I was at home one day and I decided to try to play both of them at the same time and it worked! That's how it happend."

Biggs described his experience with working on Kidd Rock's "Rock N Roll Jesus" album, which went platinum. "When your in the middle of a project like that, you don't really think that far ahead," said Biggs. "But it was amazing and we had fun." 

He said that guests should expect to have fun later this week at the Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe. "We are going to play some originals and some standards and we are just going to have a ball."

If you want to know more about his music or how to purchase tickets to his show check out his website or the Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe website.