Should you keep books you've already read?

Should you keep or can these 4 common household items?

One of the hardest things about spring cleaning is when you run into items you don't know if you should keep or clean out because all it is doing is taking up space. So what should you do? We brought in three friends to join hosts Jason Carr and Tati Amare to discuss it. Joining them are Kim Trent, a writer, and Wayne State University Regent, Marlin Williams, a technology strategist, and The Scotchanista on YouTube, and Blaine Fowler, the host of "The Blaine Fowler Morning Show" on 96.3 WDVD. 

1) Greeting Cards - Do you hold onto these for sentimental reasons or toss them in the trash? Williams says to toss them. Trent, on the other hand, says she wants to be able to toss them but she can't. "I just keep convincing myself at some point they are going in a scrapbook," said Trent. Fowler says to toss them as well, however, he says you can make things out of them. His wife made an ornament out of a picture and card from his dad that hangs on the tree every Christmas. 

 2) Skinny Clothes - Those clothes that you used to fit into, and that you hope to fit into again, someday - do you keep them? Williams said to keep them because they are good goals. Trent agreed, saying she never throws anything away. While Fowler said, "The problem with my skinny clothes is by the time I get to that size again they are no longer in style."

3) Books - Once you've read them, should you keep them? "These are sacred, you cannot throw away books," said Trent. Williams says she gives her's away once she has read them. Trent says she will only donate if she has duplicates. Fowler wants to get rid of them but admitted that he tends to hold onto them. We also asked this question of our Facebook Fans and Michelle Oliver came in with their responses:

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4) Old Kid's Things - Do you keep these toys and trophies after your child has moved out? Or do you toss them?  This is an area of debate in the Fowler household. While Blaine would like to toss their kids' stuff out, his wife wants to keep it for when they have grandchildren. So currently their basement is full of old kids' stuff. Jason and his wife are keepers as well with him saying he puts his daughter's trophies right next to their Emmies. Both Williams and Trent said to give away the toys but keep the trophies and awards.

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