This Michigan company will deliver local organic food straight to your door!

Shopping for healthy food can be challenging, but now you don't even have to leave the house! Fresh, organic food can be delivered right to your door thanks to our friends at Doorganics. Mike Hughes is the CEO of Doorganics and he joined our host Tati Amare on set to discuss his Michigan-based business.

Doorganics started in 2011 and it is a home delivery service for local and organic groceries. They have two types of boxes you can subscribe to: produce and staples. A typical produce box will have seasonal fruits and veggies. Currently the boxes feature items such as citrus and berries. Staples include other grocery items like meats, eggs, coffee, maple syrup and more. You can swap items in your box to make it perfectly customized to your tastes, and they have a variety of boxes for you to choose from. 

"We've grown up a great network of local farms over the last 8 years and all year long we are communicating with them, " said Hughes. Doorganics works hand in hand with farmers to plan what they are planting in their fields so they know what will be available and can get you the fresh, local food you want. 

They also partner up with local brands like Bloom Ferment which makes kombucha and Inspired Organics which has a variety of kitchen basics and staples like chips, dressings, and broths. 

Boxes are delivered weekly and customers have full control over their delivery schedule and what they receive. 

They are currently running a special for the month of March: Anyone who signs up and receives a delivery in March will receive a free pound of Crescent Farms bacon. 

To learn more about what Doorganics has to offer and to place your order visit doorganics.com.


This article is sponsored by Doorganics.


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