Going on spring break? Head here first!

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Today is the first day of spring and even better, spring break vacation time is just a few days away! Our friends at the Great Lakes Crossing Outlets in Auburn Hills have some fabulous deals to get you set in style. Melissa Morang joined host Tati Amare to show what they had to offer. 

First up, Buckle. This store sells clothes for everyone, from mom and dad to the kids. They have colorful board shorts which are perfect for a beach vacation as well as Hey Dude shoes which are lightweight and washable. They also have plenty of kimonos and fun tanks.

If you are looking for some sunglasses, Solstice has you covered. They are known for having great brands at great prices. 

Now to pack up all your gear for vacation, Morang recommends you check out Samsonite. They have a brand new luggage piece that fits perfectly under the seat for those flights, plus, it has a USB charger! They also sell travel wallets, packing cubes to keep you organized, and scales so you can avoid those overage charges for heavy luggage. 

For all your beach needs, Morang says you should head on over to Bed Bath & Beyond. They have tote bags, towels, and towel clips to keep your towel on your chair. There is also a bathing suit bag that Tati described as "brilliant." You can put your wet bathing suit in it, along with any other wet items in it, so that everything else in your bag stays dry. 

Justice also is getting some beach items in for young girls. They have glitter infused sunscreen called Sparkling Mermaid. They also have hats, cups, shorts, tank tops, towel bags, and more. 

Great Lakes Crossing Outlets has everything you need for a perfect spring break. 

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